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About Amherst Consulting

Amherst Consulting Company, LLC is an Orlando based full service engineering consulting firm specializing in aviation planning, programming, design, and construction management primarily for general aviation airports throughout the State of Florida.

With more than 25 years of combined airport consulting experience, the Amherst Team strives to match every client’s unique needs with high quality and efficient solutions.

Amherst Consulting Company’s strengths lie in our broad expertise, experience and a responsive "hands on" management approach that produces technically sound, cost-effective solutions to our clients' needs. The firm adds value by offering our clients the intelligence that can only come from long-term experience addressing the needs of the government and industry. Amherst has a proven track record of assisting clients during project development and construction. Amherst Consulting understands that the success of the business is customer service.

The Amherst Team has in-depth knowledge of rules and regulatory compliance with Federal Aviation Authority (FAA), Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), The Transportation Security Administration (TSA), and numerous municipalities and other governmental agencies.

Our mission encompasses every aspect of Amherst’s business, from our product to our handshake. We establish excellent working relationships with our clients, customers, community and the end users of our products. We are down-to-earth, hardworking engineers, with an understanding that each project, statement, or handshake flows through the community.

Why Amherst?

  • Experienced with both General and Commercial Aviation
  • Experience with FDOT/FAA/permitting agencies
  • Proven Successful Project Management Approach
  • Innovative Approach to Challenges
  • Over 25 Years of Project Experience
  • Outstanding Airport/Team References
  • Committed to Investing in the Community and Charities

Meet the Founder

Mr. Zimmerman is the founder and owner of Amherst Consulting Company. He serves as Principal and Program Manager with over 25 years of experience in major airport projects involving site preparation, paving, lighting, navigational aids, utility relocations and related support facilities.

His technical expertise includes planning, programming, design and construction for airport development projects at air carrier and general aviation facilities including roadways, taxiways, runways and related facilities.

Areas of specialty include programming, cost estimating, budgeting, quality assurance and control, construction management and problem solving on site.

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