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FAA/FDOT Funding Experience

Amherst/Hanson Consulting / FAA/FDOT Funding Experience

Knowledge of FAA and FDOT Regulations, Policies and Procedures

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The Amherst team fully understands the requirements of regulatory compliance. Amherst consulting projects over the past sixteen years have been federal, state, and privately funded. The Amherst team has intimate knowledge of Federal Aviation Administration requirements, Florida Department of Transportation guidelines, Part 200 Code of Federal Regulations, and Florida Statutes and Codes. In addition to our team having extensive funding knowledge a member of our team is a Certified Federal Grant Administrator.  Amherst is familiar with all applicable local codes, regulations, ordinances, policies and planning procedures, for planning, design, bidding, and construction phases of project development related to Airport General Consulting Services.

Amherst is well versed in the FAA’s Airport Improvement Program (AIP) to include the policy and procedures specified in FAA Order 5100.38, Airport Improvement Handbook. Our years of experience covers all phases of the AIP process, from initial project development to project closeout, and allows us to assist airport owners in meeting the stringent requirements levied upon airport owners by the FAA in order to qualify for federal grants. Competitiveness for federal AIP discretionary funding has been tight for many years. Amherst has a 100% success rate in assisting Airports with obtaining federal grants for their projects.

Based on our considerable experience, more than half of all AIP funds go toward constructing or rehabilitating runways, taxiway and aprons. FAA pavement standards help protect this investment by ensuring pavements last as long as possible with the least amount of maintenance for the airport.

Amherst has incorporated the new FAA design standards for all new and rehabilitated pavements. During design, every effort is made to bring the Airport up to current standards. In cases where it may not be feasible, consultation with the Airport District Office (ADO) may provide funding solutions and/or adjustments to operational procedures to accommodate an equivalent level of safety.

FDOT’s recent focus has been on matching FAA past and current funding projects which address safety, security, capacity, and those which maintain existing airport facilities as they have with DAB, LAL, AVO and VRB projects in the last 5 years under Airport Director’s leadership.

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