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Airport Master Plan Update

Amherst/Hanson Consulting / Airport Master Plan Update

Amherst Consulting Company is fully qualified to perform your ALP and Master Plan Updates, and will do so with an emphasis on Client collaboration to produce a product consistent with your visions of the airport’s future growth.

Amherst Consulting Company shared the City of Lakeland’s goal of providing its tenants, users and aviation businesses a facility that bests serves the local aviation and business industries, performing work associated with the 2010 Master Plan Update. The Master Plan Update included commercial service pursuit/preservation, existing terminal best use analysis with a consideration for use as a passenger services terminal, water management systems/locations, fuel farm location alternatives, and runway and taxiway designation updates. The study also addressed land use map improvement for use as a tool on a daily basis, surface access and surrounding transportation networks (including rail) and the effect of airport and airport area development, and included the development of the Exhibit A Property Map to use as a tool on a daily basis such as distinguishing leaseholds.

The Part 139 Emergency Response Map (Airside/Landside) was updated, providing coordination between Marking, Signage, Security, NAVAIDS, lighting, signage, etc. and the Airport Certification Manual (ACM). Special consideration was given to the Sun ‘N Fun event, integrating its demands with the Airport Layout Plan/Master Plan.