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North Aprons Rehabilitation

Amherst/Hanson Consulting / North Aprons Rehabilitation

North Aprons Rehabilitation

The north side aprons serve on-airfield businesses, including the only fixed base operator on the airfield. The serviceability and condition of these pavements are vital to the services provided to based and transient aircraft. This project consisted of the rehabilitation of the north-side aprons west of the existing terminal building including milling and overlay of approximately 35,000 SY of asphalt pavement, demolition of 19,250 SY of concrete pavement and construction of 22,000 SY of new asphalt pavement. Drainage improvements are incorporated through design grading and the design of a new trench drain.

The construction phasing plan was developed in close coordination with the airport, tenants, and other affected users. During construction, tenant access remained open to all hangars, north fuel farm and runways. Performed new pavement design based on the latest approved ALP, FAA Advisory Circulars, proposed fleet mix, and other considerations. Prepare a detailed construction safety and phasing plan to increase safety and minimize disruptions to current operations. Coordinate with FAA pre-design through project closeout. Perform construction inspection services with continuous monitoring of the project schedule and cost.


Apron Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Projects