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Rehabilitate Runway 11L/29R

Amherst/Hanson Consulting / Rehabilitate Runway 11L/29R

Rehabilitate Runway 11L/29R

This work consisted of the reconstruction of Runway 11L/29R (now 12L-30R). Amherst team members Gunther Zurstadt and Wesley Teel designed the project. The asphalt runway and the surface course for the associated taxiways were in extremely poor condition. By working closely with various area contractors, anticipated construction costs associated with standard methods for asphalt pavement rehabilitation were identified. Coordination was accomplished with contractors, vendors, suppliers and manufacturers of non-standard construction methods as well, and identified the costs associated with their potential use. It was determined that utilizing a cold in-place recycled asphalt base mixed with the existing World War II era sand-bituminous base was a viable alternative to a more standard full depth reconstruction approach. VRB recognized a savings of nearly $400,000 in construction costs; a reduction of the construction schedule from 210 to 150 days; associated cost savings for resident inspection services; reduced operational impacts to the airport and its tenants, and realized an increase in the pavement’s strength from 10,000 pounds to over 60,000 pounds, which significantly increased the life cycle of the runway and taxiways.


Runway Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Projects