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Runway 9-27 Rehabilitation

Amherst/Hanson Consulting / Runway 9-27 Rehabilitation

Runway 9-27 Rehabilitation

The Runway 9-27 Rehabilitation project involves of a substantial list of runway improvements to upgrade and update pavement and lighting, as well as to correct drainage issues that has evolved over the years since the runways were last resurfaced. This project posed interesting challenges with the phasing of construction in order to avoid shutting down the entire airport while work was underway. Amherst Consulting Company worked closely with airport staff to ensure that impacts to NAVAIDs and other facilities were closely coordinated with FAA and applicable NOTAMS were issued. A detailed Construction Safety Phasing Plan (CSPP) was developed and implemented utilizing a phased scheme of lighted runway closure markers, temporarily modified runway signs and lighting, displaced thresholds, and temporary pavement markings, allowing work to proceed strategically while parts of Runway 9-27 and 5-23 were alternately closed to air traffic during construction.


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