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Florida's Avaition Experts

Airport Construction

Amherst/Hanson Consulting / Airport Construction

Florida's Aviation Experts


Each Amherst Consulting On-Site Manager is highly skilled and brings a minimum of 30 years’ construction management experience to deliver your next project.

With one of the most experienced project management teams in the State of Florida, Amherst Consulting offers valuable insight and substantial knowledge providing the following Airport Construction Services:

Grant Administration

Resident Inspection

Construction Management Plans (Safety & Phasing)

Construction Engineering and Inspection(s)

Engineering Evaluations and Recommendations

Building Inspection

Quality Assurance Testing

Warranty Management


Amherst Project Managers include FAA Certified Pilots.

If warranted, Amherst Consulting provides on-site managers who are ICC Commercial & Residential Building Inspector certified to ensure the highest quality of performance and standards for projects.