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Florida's Avaition Experts



Selecting an aviation and engineering consultant is one of the most important decisions an airport administration team is tasked to accomplish. The selection of a qualified firm may include consideration of several variables including project experience, resume, timing, type or scope and nature of work, knowledge, cost, vision …etc.

While some firms promise dependable support and extraordinary resources, one criteria usually remains as a solid evaluation benchmark: Experience. The real-world kind. This is usually accomplished through years of hands-on effort, problem-solving and disciplined quality-control.

Throughout 2019, Amherst Consulting Company will celebrate a distinct honor of having served Florida’s aviation community for 17 years with personal, real-world airport engineering and consulting experience few firms duplicate. In addition, (4) four members of Amherst’s senior production team have amassed a century of design, engineering and project management experience working on just airports alone.

Amherst Consulting offers Florida airports a unique perspective that can only come from a committed team experienced in addressing the unique needs of government, aviation and industry.

Amherst Consulting offers:

Award Winning Team

A proven, award-winning system of assisting clients from concept, project design, development and construction using experienced Amherst representatives and managers.

Client Service Hotline

A client service hotline allowing instant, “live” access to experienced Amherst engineering personnel and decision-makers. Each call to Amherst offices during business hours is (immediately) answered by an operator for V.I.P. priority service. Multiple after-hour communication options offer additional support when service is warranted during unexpected times or needs.

In-depth Knowledge

In-depth knowledge of rules and regulatory compliance with Federal Aviation Authority (FAA), Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), The Transportation Security Administration (TSA), and numerous municipalities and other governmental agencies others may not be used to. Amherst will advise and attend the important meetings with you.

Real Experience from Real People

While experience is key, all Amherst Consulting team members are down-to-earth, hardworking engineers, with an understanding that each project, statement, or handshake flows through the community. We believe experience means little unless its’ lessons and strategies are applied and shared throughout our team and yours.  That’s experience you can count on.

Experienced with both General and Commercial Aviation

Experience with FDOT/FAA and Permitting Agencies

15 Year Proven, Award-Winning Successful Project Management Approach

Years of Aviation Consulting
Years of Combined Aviation Experience
Amherst team on the job