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Amherst/Hanson Consulting / Florida Excellence

Amherst Consulting is Florida Focused

“We make an investment in building relationships with each of our clients. That is how we have continued to grow so rapidly through the years. We invite you to call our (local) references and inquire about the level of satisfaction with our services to date. It is significant that most of our business is repeat (local) business.”

Todd N. Zimmerman, P.E. Owner/Founder AHC

We believe that every and any interaction with a valued client in person — such as a small meeting, a large project partnership or answering the smallest of questions — is a chance to develop a relationship and build an emotional connection.

That’s why Amherst Consulting, a Florida headquartered corporation, is focused on serving Florida-based airport clients. Amherst Consulting genuinely cares about the level of service you receive and understands the importance of having a consulting partner “face-to-face” and “close to home”.

The Amherst team is committed to perfecting client service daily, and the only way to improve local performance is to combine local expertise with superior airport/consultant communication and feedback channels.

Why It’s Important To You

24 Hour Response

A qualified Amherst representative should be available within a short drive from your office to provide on-site face-to-face service upon request. Our goal is a 24-hour response.

The Best in Service

For every airport client location, Amherst empowers a local decision-making structure. We recognize EVERY airport client is unique unto themselves and requires a different client experience that adheres to their understanding of the specific airport’s “brand” or “culture”. The only way to achieve a consistently high level of service is to empower each Florida-based Amherst representative with on-site decision-making abilities to identify and adjust to local challenges and issues as they present themselves.

Bottom-line Results

Bottom-line results. Using a unique, “hands-on” consultative approach, The Amherst system is a series of deliverable processes focused solely on total airport satisfaction. We’ll visit regularly – on site – to ensure your complete understanding of a project’s status and resulting performance is a match.

Positive Results

Nearly all Amherst Florida-based airport clients have benefited from key government and regulatory agency relationships who regularly praise us for on-time performance and budget accuracies. As a result, the airport community saves substantial dollars while expediting important funding and grant strategies. The results speak for themselves and are strong evidence that local relationships can lead to dramatic performance improvements and overall project satisfaction.

Amherst Florida-Based Quality

A Unique Confidence in ability to deliver on promises – in person.

Integrity in the way the Amherst treats the individual and receives feedback directly.

Pride, in our work reviewed – face-to-face.

Partners -- where an airport -- a rare, but priceless client, can ’see’ our commitment to quality and a genuine passion for partnership each day .

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