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Florida's Avaition Experts

Personal Dedicated Service

Amherst/Hanson Consulting / Personal Dedicated Service

Personal, Dedicated, Services that

You Can Depend On

An Industry Leader

At Amherst Consulting, our everyday goal is to maintain a premier position as an industry leader in providing the finest professional aviation engineering and consulting services in Florida to valued clients.

Talented Design Team

We fulfill this mission with a talented, experienced, production and design team showcasing a unique, disciplined, quality control process combined with an impeccable attention to detail. Our services and commitment to excellence have earned awards for “unwavering dedication and commitment” by some of Florida’s most prestigious airports.

Unparalleled Values

Amherst Consultant’s core values are the reason that our services, projects and enduring customer relationships are unparalleled in the aviation engineering industry.

Amherst Offers

Cost Conscious Recommendations

We are proud to design and manage solutions for airports of every size, from general to commercial aviation.

Unmatched Knowledge

Cutting Edge Expertise

We are dedicated to staying at the forefront of aviation engineering trends.

Helping Our Client's

Goal Achievement

Our singular passion is to help our airport clients and the businesses we touch achieve their unique goals.


Value Enhancement

We are constantly exploring new and innovative ways of creating value for our airport clients.

Going Above & Beyond

Pro-Active Communication

Every Amherst project includes multiple contact sources for priority responses whenever warranted.

Team Commitment

We Deliver

All Amherst projects require a team commitment to honor and exceed client deadlines and expectations. Our quality reputation and track record depend on delivering every pledge, promise and service – every time.

Amherst Consulting

An Award-Winning Company

We’re an award winning airport consulting company with a senior engineering team offering almost 100 years’ experience.

Quality & Professionalism

Project Management

Combining an innovative approach to challenges with proven successful project management.

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