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Airfield Electrical Improvements and Signage & N-1 Circuit

Amherst/Hanson Consulting / Airfield Electrical Improvements and Signage & N-1 Circuit

Airfield Electrical Improvements and Signage & N-1 Circuit

This project replaces the remaining incandescent airfield signs, which are beyond further economical repair, with LED signs, providing a consistent sign type associated with the affected circuits. As the airport has undertaken a variety of construction projects in recent years, it has installed new and replacement LED signs where practical and eligible. However, there are approximately 80 existing incandescent signs, 22 of which are Runway mandatory hold signs that are approximately 20 years old, or older, which have reached their useful life and are beyond economical repair. Routinely, these signs require frequent repairs by LAL Airport Maintenance staff from changing out faded and weathered signs panels and sign casings to replacing interior panel boards. Of serious concern is the Runway mandatory hold position signs as they create potential safety issues (Runway incursions) and require NOTAM’s for every outage. The N-1 circuit serves most of the signs on the north side of RWY 9-27. It is a direct buried circuit with the oldest parts of it being nearly 30 years old. Through the years, and at least 7 times over the past 3 years, the N-1 circuit has experienced outages resulting in complete loss of directional signage for periods in excess of 10 days. Performed new pavement design based on the latest approved ALP, FAA Advisory Circulars, proposed fleet mix, and other considerations. Prepare a detailed construction safety and phasing plan to increase safety and minimize disruptions to current operations. Coordinate with FAA pre-design through project closeout. Perform construction inspection services with continuous monitoring of the project schedule and cost.


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