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RWY 9/27 and Airside Center Apron Rehabilitation, Taxiway E1 Improvements

Amherst/Hanson Consulting / RWY 9/27 and Airside Center Apron Rehabilitation, Taxiway E1 Improvements

RWY 9/27 and Airside Center Apron Rehabilitation, Taxiway E1 Improvements

This multi-phased design and construction project consisted of substantial runway improvements to upgrade pavement, lighting and drainage; Rehabilitation of the westerly 2,500 feet of Runway 9-27 pavement and intersection of Runways 9-27 and 5-23 and replacement of lighting and signage. Detailed Construction Safety Phasing Plan (CSPP) implemented a phased scheme of runway closure markers, temporary runway signs and lighting, displaced thresholds, and pavement markings to allow work while parts of Runway 9-27 and 5-23 were alternately closed. The project included Resurfacing the Airside Center apron along with associated drainage improvements and the relocation of Taxiway E-1 involved design and construction of a 1,750 feet of a 50’ wide taxiway with 12” stabilized subgrade, 10” lime rock base course and 4” bituminous surface course; installation of reinforced concrete pipe culvert extensions, storm drain inlets, junction boxes and outfalls; and relocation of underground electrical services without interrupting airport operations. Perform new pavement design based on the latest approved ALP, latest FAA Advisory Circulars, proposed fleet mix, and other considerations. Prepare a detailed construction safety and phasing plan to increase safety and minimize disruptions to current operations. Coordinate with FAA throughout the project, from pre-design through project closeout. Perform construction inspection services with continuous monitoring of the project schedule and cost.


Apron Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Projects